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Make an impression with a Valentine’s Day tea party

Make an impression with a Valentine's Day tea party

Thinking of ways to impress your loved one this Valentine's Day can be difficult - you've done the romantic meal and trip to the cinema thing in the past, but this year you want to be a little more unique.Have you ever thought about hosting a special Valentine's Day tea party?You can put together an impressive tea party with minimal expense, leaving your partner with an occasion they are sure to remember for years to come.Why not try out some of these ideas and make your Valentine's Day about more than just a box of chocolates and bunch of flowers?

Select some unusual teas

Presenting your other half with their usual cup of black tea with milk is unlikely to give them a particularly memorable experience, so why not invest in some more unusual varieties?Our range of blooming teas are great for making an impression - just place in hot water and watch the petals emerge, infusing the water with colour, aroma and flavour.These are best served in a glass teapot so you can see the full effect.

Presentation is everything

It is often said that presentation is everything and this is certainly the case when it comes to hosting a Valentine's Day tea party. Using tea service sets is a good way of giving your party a sense of elegance - there's something quite charming about china cups and saucers!

Size isn't everything

If you opt for a high tea theme for your party, remember that food and drink is typically served in small portions. Dainty cakes and sandwiches are usually the best way forward - and remember that if you are serving various types of loose leaf tea that smaller cups are best.
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