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New Tea Drops are blooming well delicious!

New Tea Drops are blooming well delicious!

Sophisticated tea lovers will appreciate the convenience of Tea Drops' top tasting, quality tea leaves tied in a ball. Similar to a traditional tea bag, yet with the added flavor and aroma of a refreshing pot of tea, these single serve tea balls are made from the highest quality green or black tea. Most importantly, to preserve health and taste qualities, Tea Blossoms use whole leaves.

”No fuss” ”no mess” Tea Drops are a healthy option for today's action-packed lifestyle. They're environmentally friendly, and come without unnecessary packaging. Just drop in hot water like a tea bag and dispose of after brewing.

Enjoy Tea Blossoms display teas for fun or special occasions

Our Australian Company Tea Blossoms offer two ranges: Tea leaf balls or Tea Drops, and the more elaborate tea ball or drop with a flower inside (similar to Tea Blossoms' blooming flower).

Be sure to decant the tea into your teacup as soon as it has steeped, as the tea bloom is damaged by sitting in hot water more than three minutes at a time. Add fresh hot water only when you are ready to brew another pot of tea.

When infused in a glass teapot or cup, these high quality flower balls make a very elegant statement at dinner parties, as the tea leaves unfurl to reveal an exquisite flower. Left undamaged in the hot water for up to a week afterwards, they also make a beautiful decoration.

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