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Perfect tea gift ideas

Perfect tea gift ideas


With Christmas just around the corner, you are no doubt thinking about what to buy your loved ones this year.A tea supplier can give you all sorts of gift inspiration, ranging from loose leaf tea to attractive storage tins and even service sets.

Why is tea  such a great gift?

The tea lover in your life will appreciate you adding to their collection - it might be that they have a favourite blend that you can buy them, or you may want to encourage them to try something new.With so many types of green, white, black and even herbal tea out there, you can make up your own unique gift and give it to someone special.Tea also generally has a decent shelf-life so they can keep using their gift well into the new year!

What tea gifts are available?

A fantastic gift idea is blooming tea - it takes the shape of a flower bulb and sits in the bottom of your teapot or cup before springing to life.As the leaves open, they will infuse the water with colour and aroma - a real show-stopper!You could even complement the blooming tea with a glass teapot, as this is the best way to show off the magic of the tea to its full potential.A tea gift box is a good idea if you want to introduce a friend or family member to some new varieties of tea - they are presented in tins to keep the leaves fresher for longer.Alternatively, you could buy some storage tins to help your loved one make a statement in their kitchen - they are not only attractive but are also a must have for any tea fanatic!You might even want to splash out on a tea chest if they prefer to use tea bags.
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