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Sip Yourself To Sleep

Sip Yourself To Sleep

Sleep problems are one of the greatest ailments facing Western society. Sleep deprivation is known to seriously affect our ability to function properly and is the most common cause of “human error”. Unfortunately, in their desperation, all too many people turn to pharmaceuticals - but getting hooked on sleep medications can create more problems than it cures.

For centuries now, communities around the world have harnessed the wonder of herbal teas to relieve stress and thereby promote restful sleep at night. With each generation, these teas have been cultivated and developed to optimise the benefit for both mind and body.

The most famous of sleep-promoting herbal teas is the popular Camomile tea. Made from camomile leaves and flowers, this classic variety is a very pleasant, aromatic tea with a fruity flavour. Chamomile is known in traditional herbal medicine for being a natural promoter of healthy sleep.

At Tea Blossoms, we have developed a Chamomile Lavender blend to enhance the relaxation properties. The two varieties complement each other in an exquisite experience before a restful night's sleep.

Another most effective, yet lesser known herbal tea is the amazing Rooibos. Grown in the Western Cape Province, it is the drink of choice in South Africa. Upon harvest the leaves are green, and then transcend into a rustic shade of red when oxidized.

Due to its high level of antioxidants, its lack of caffeine and low tannin, Rooibos tea is the perfect choice for many people. The red variety is much more common and favoured in taste. The green variety, from non-oxidised, natural leaves, contain about twice as much total flavonoids. It comes down to personal preference, and it never hurts to try both in order to be completely sure of what it is that you like and suits your lifestyle.

For those who are unfamiliar of the taste of Rooibos tea, initial contact may be startling with its distinct smell, but very soon the subtle hints of caramel break through to provide you a superior tea tasting experience. Unlike anything you have ever tasted, it may take several cups to fully appreciate the smell and flavour - but once you do, there is no going back.

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