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Steps to making the perfect iced tea

Steps to making the perfect iced tea

Many people have heard of iced tea and they may even have tried it in their favourite cafe or restaurant - but making it yourself can be just as easy!Here are some tips that will help you sipping a homemade iced tea in no time at all.

1. Choose the best tea

Whether you choose to buy tea online or in a store, always make sure it is of the highest quality, as this will make sure that your iced tea has the best possible colour, flavour and aroma.

2. Use cold water

Some people think that the best way to make iced tea is to boil water as you would normally do - but this is not the case. Iced tea should be much more subtle in flavour, so leave your loose leaf tea to infuse cold water and you will find the taste is much less bitter. Some people say it is best to brew the leaves in a small amount of water to start with, as this creates a concentrate that extra water can later be added to.

3. Sweeten to taste

As with any ordinary cup of tea, you can add sweeteners to iced tea so that it matches your taste - sugar and honey are the best ways to do this. Remember to keep trying your tea as you go along - you can add sweetener but can't take it away!

4. Mix well

Once all the components of your iced tea have come together, make sure you mix them together well for a smoother taste.

5. Refrigerate

Put your iced tea in the fridge and leave to cool down - you might even want to add some ice, a wedge of lemon or sprig of mint when it comes to serving for extra interest!
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