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How to store loose leaf tea

How to store loose leaf tea

If you sometimes find that your loose leaf tea doesn't taste or smell as fresh as it could after a few weeks, the chances are you might not be storing it properly.

Having the right equipment will help ensure that your tea stays in the best condition for the longest time possible - and here is how.

Keep out of the light

As with most things, light will have a bleaching effect on your tea, which can make it lose its colour and ultimately its flavour. Keeping it in a cupboard is the best way to make sure your tea stays great for longer.

Avoid heat

Heat can similarly have a negative effect on your tea, so try your best to keep it out of direct sunlight. Heat will cause your tea to degrade over time, so it won't taste as good the next time you come to make a brew.

Keep dry

Another enemy of loose leaf tea is moisture - it can make the leaves become soft and less flavoursome. Using an airtight container is the best way to combat moisture - check the seal every so often to make sure it hasn't perished, otherwise your tea will be affected.

Where to store your tea

As suggested, an airtight, opaque container kept in a cupboard is the best way to ensure that your loose leaf tea stays fresh for longer and doesn't lose its unique taste. Although it can be tempting to show off your tea in glass jars and suchlike - especially the more colourful varieties - you will find that these are not the best conditions for the leaves. Once your tea comes to an end, make sure you wash the container thoroughly to avoid contaminating your new purchase!
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