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Tea apps you just can't live without!

Tea apps you just can't live without!

Apps have no doubt revolutionised the way we live - from checking weather forecasts to finding out whether there's congestion on the roads, it seems there's an app for everything.

And this sure is the case when it comes to making tea! You no longer have to worry about finding an egg timer the next time you want to brew loose leaf tea to perfection, or search the internet when you want to find out more about your brew.

Here is a selection of the best tea apps available - you might find that they revolutionise your tea drinking experience!

Tea for iPhone

This app aims to help you get the most out of your tea - not only does it come with a smart tea timer, but you can learn more about different varieties using the in-built encyclopaedia.

If you want to add your own tasting notes then you can do, and there's even the option to share them with your friends via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter!

Camellia Tea Timer

Anyone who is after a simple tea timer should look no further than this app. Just select the type of tea you are brewing and press start - the Camellia Tea Timer will then let you know once it's ready.

This is ideal for anyone who wants a great tasting cuppa, without all the in-depth information on teas that some other timers come with. Tea Round App

As you will no doubt know if you have ever worked in an office, deciding whose turn it is to make the tea can be the source of many disagreements!

With the Tea Round App this no longer needs to be a problem - just add everyone's name and the app will randomly decide whose job it is. Simple!

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