Tea Connoisseurs say "no" to boring tea bags!

Tea Connoisseurs say ”no” to boring tea bags!

Do you partake of high tea, Madame - or afternoon tea, Monsieur?

In line with a rapidly growing trend for fine tea, many fashionable and reputable Hotels and Restaurants now offer an exquisite range of superior tasting and visually stunning blooming flower teas. From the new Australian company Tea Blossoms comes a taste sensation Oriental Blooming tea with a western twist ideal for the most elegant weddings, events, dinner parties and lunches.

Blooming Tea - Hot New Party Trend

Hot, visual and sensory - blooming tea offers a unique tea drinking experience for fashionable tea lovers everywhere.

Tea Blossoms Blooming tea is like a mini floral bouquet that, when brewed in a glass teapot, will bloom right in front of you, engaging your senses of sight, smell and taste with a splendid infusion, and creating a lingering floral scent.

Using only the highest quality leaves, Blooming Tea combines everything you need to create a unique, invigorating and satisfying tea party for you and your guests.

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