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Tea – the perfect Christmas gift

Tea - the perfect Christmas gift

Whether you're shopping for the office Kris Kringle exchange or looking for a special gift for a teacher or friend, you can't go wrong with tea! Tea is a delicious and refreshing drink to be enjoyed all year round - and when it comes to festive gifts, you'll have no shortage of choices to select from.

Tea gift boxes

When it comes to luxury teas, a gift box might be the perfect option. You can choose from aromatic loose-leaf tea packed in a tin or box, or alternatively opt for tea buds, which unfurl into a beautiful blossom in your mug. If your recipient is the type of person who thinks variety is the spice of life, a tea chest may be another option well worth considering, as this offers a sample of many different types of teas to try.

Tea accesories

If you're giving the gift of tea this holiday season, why not pair it with a selection of tea accessories? Specialty teapots crafted from high-quality heat resistant glass could be the perfect accompaniment to your gift, or you could instead choose a tea set featuring cups and saucers. Storage tins are another tea accessory that might be worth thinking about - especially if you are giving loose-leaf tea as a gift, as this is best stored in an airtight container.

Choose your perfect tea

You'll want to make sure that the type of tea you choose to give as a gift suits your recipient's tastes - but luckily, there are plenty of different kinds to choose from. From green tea to black tea, and oolong tea to herbal teas, there is a blend for everyone. And best of all, if you want to give the gift of tea that lasts for months, home tea packages are available on a subscription basis. Happy gift-giving!
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