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Tea's Friends and Enemies

Tea's Friends and Enemies

A growing number of people turn to herbal teas for the many health advantages provided. There are numerous varieties and each has its own particular attributes for the benefit of the drinker. However researchers have found that it is not purely the characteristics of the tea that determine the positive effects. It has been found that what you drink it with can be just as significant as the tea itself.

Black tea and Milk

Milk protein, casein, has a tonic effect on the tea by binding the tonic and caffeine, making the tea less invigorating.

Tea with milk is better received by the stomach - especially beneficial if you have hyperacidity in the stomach. However the milk will weaken the bladder, meaning you will have more frequent visits to the bathroom. It is therefore not recommended to drink tea with milk prior to leaving the house.

Black tea with sugar

According to dietician-endocrinologist Svetlana Berezhnaija, the fast carbohydrates in the sugar interfere with the ability to absorb the properties of B vitamins found in the tea,. This is why experts recommend people who like drinking tea with sugar, to substitute it with honey. European researchers have found the hormone orexin in honey assists in weight loss. Dieticians believe that 2-3 teaspoons of honey daily will assist the body in ridding itself of bad fats.

Green tea and Honey

Green tea and honey are a perfect combination. Green tea by itself is very rich in catechins, which stimulate the endocrine system. It is important to be aware that a temperature of over 45-50 degrees Celsius dismantles the binding properties of the honey. Therefore tea with honey should not be extremely hot, rather a pleasant “tasting” temperature. Also, be aware that green tea with honey enhances perspiration in the body.

Tea and Lemon

By adding a slice of lemon into your tea, you receive twice as much vitamin C than if you were to consume it on its own. Antioxidants which are present in both black tea and green tea help with the absorption of ascorbic acid.

Tea and Dark Chocolate

Feeling tired and dizzy? Have some tea with dark chocolate. When dark chocolate binds with tonics, the invigorating properties of the tea are activated at a much higher level - resulting in increased blood flow to the brain and lowering joint pain and spasms. Ideally, the chocolate will be dark, and have a bitter taste, as milk chocolate significantly decreases many of the wonderful benefits of the herbal tea.

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