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The Time for Tea

The Time for Tea

In the last decade the growth in coffee in Australia had boomed by expediential proportion, however it is not the only beverage dominating the hot drink market in Australia anymore.

Tea and tea culture is currently booming in the Australian market with a increasing amount of local distributors popping up and an even higher amount of tea houses emerging, bringing this popular culture back to life.

Concreting this emerging popularity the Tea Board. Gov. has recently released statistics stating that global tea markets are set to reach US$69.77 billion in value by 2015.

A company that knows all about this emerging popularity is Melbourne based wholesale tea company, Tea Blossoms. With recent trends sending the company into rapid expansion, doubling its growth in the last year.

Director and founder of Tea Blossoms, Regina Komkha announced that she saw the opening and potential growth in the market. Added to this, she also saw the growing demand to supply customer with a tea solutions that where more than just the standard black tea everyone was used to.

Something that the Hotel and hospitality industry is now embracing with many places opting for signature blends to appeal to the growing masses.

In-house brewing for most hotels now offer a plethora of tea, in herbal and classic varieties. With dining solutions offering the ultimate restaurant experience with the visual nature of loose leaf and blooming tea.

Komkha, the Australian founder of blooming teas or teas that flower as you drink them, suggests that like coffee people want something different in taste and caliber. That why it was such a necessity for her to create varieties that where both unique, with the subtle hints of those classic flavors we all love.

Now more than ever, is an important time to ensure that the quality of our tea and brewing options provided to customers here in Australia, match our love and quality of our coffee.

Tea Blossoms tea is based in Melbourne with tea and service solutions to suit all major hotels and hospitality venues. Visit the website

or call their head office on 0403 688 444.

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