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Top tips for storing tea

Top tips for storing tea

Knowing how to store tea is just as important as buying the right product in the first place - get it wrong and you could find the quality of your purchase declines quite rapidly! As with most things, tea does have a shelf life, but by keeping it in the right conditions you should find that it stays fresher for longer.

Storage conditions to avoid

There are quite a few conditions that will take its toll on your tea - with one of them being light. So when deciding how to store your products, make sure you avoid glass containers at all costs. This is the case no matter whether you are storing green tea, black tea or even one of our blooming teas - the effect of light will be the same. Heat is also an enemy to both tea bags and loose leaf teas, as it can impair the quality over time. Keeping containers out of direct sunlight or other heat sources such as ovens or radiators will help prolong its life. Moisture and odour are also enemies to tea - keep your collection in a dry place and away from any pungent smells, such as spices or room air fresheners.

How to store tea correctly

Tea should ideally be stored in a cool, dry environment and preferably in an air-tight container. Plastic is not the best material for a tea container as its odour can have an effect on the taste of the tea - aluminium or ceramic variants are much better. Tea caddies are available in a number of different shapes and sizes, but storing them in the wrong place will mean they are not as effective. Keeping different varieties of tea apart is another good idea, so make sure your green tea does not come into contact with white tea, as the latter has a much more delicate flavour.
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