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What does the color of my tea say about its quality?

What does the color of my tea say about its quality?

You know when that carton of milk in the back of the fridge is off. Or when those bananas are looking more brown than yellow.But how do you know whether your tea is up to par or not?Believe it or not but it’s easier than you may think.If you are attempting to determine the overall quality of your tea, or tea leaves, you should consider checking the color first and foremost. By getting a better quality of tea, you can often experience a better flavor with your beverage and a much nicer smell as well. Now wouldn’t that be tea-riffic?

What does the color of my tea say about its quality?

Tea tips you can drink to

Tip #1 - Black tea varieties with fermentation are often some of the easiest to judge by color.

A tea that has a darker color due to extended fermentation can often produce a sweeter flavor and a far more desirable taste. Black tea that has been under fermented or aged for an inappropriate amount of time will often produce a much more musty smell and a sour taste alongside that smell. 

Tip #2 - Properly brewed tea will also have its own distinct color.

Tea that isn’t fresh may not deliver the same taste quality or color in the water that it is added to. If the tea leaves seem to take an extreme amount of time to start dying the water a darker color, it's possible that they could be older or that they may have already absorbed extra moisture in the past. The freshness of tea can often be determined by the speed at which it can steep.Stay on top of your tea freshness by investing in quality tea storage solutions to ensure every sip is as healthy and delicious as the next.

Tip #3 - Some of the nutrients and health properties in tea can also be highly focused on the idea of their color too.

​Green tea for example needs to be fresh to have the maximum in health boosting qualities as well as the increased fat burning ability from the tea mixture. Although you may not have access to the UV testing and other tools that are common for measuring tea quality, it is possible to notice the lighter color in green tea that can indicate its fresh nature. And with a recent Harvard study showing tea to have wonderful health-promoting properties, knowing what tea is freshest can help you get the health boost you’re after.Looking for more ways to improve your health over a nice cup of tea?By bringing mindfulness to the simple action of drinking tea you can begin to enjoy all the benefits of meditation without ever leaving the couch.When it comes to tea there is always so much more than meets the eye.By being aware of what your tea colour says about its quality you’ll be able to enjoy greater health benefits, fuller flavour, and a greater appreciation for tea too.The next time you sit down for a cuppa, keep these top ideas in mind about the color of your tea and what it can say about its quality, and most of all, enjoy!

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