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What's your perfect cup of tea?

What's your perfect cup of tea?

As any tea fanatic will know, there is no such thing as a normal cup of tea - everyone likes their brew slightly different, which is what makes this such a unique drink. Here are some of the most common questions that people ask when making a cup of black tea to make sure it is as perfect as it can be!

How strong?

Some people prefer their tea stronger than others - its strength will be determined by how long you brew the loose leaf tea or bags for. Remember that leaving them to steep for too long will lead to a bitter taste, so keep an eye on the pot!

A splash of milk?

Milk is a common accompaniment to black tea, but it's not for everyone!There is then the question of how much milk to add to the brew, as some people prefer a milkier taste, while others will want it to be kept to a minimum.

Cup or mug?

There is some debate over how tea should be served, with some arguing that a cup is far more elegant than using a mug!If you have tea service sets, then make sure you put them to good use - after all, there is little point in having them if they are sat at the back of a cupboard gathering dust.Whether you opt for a cup or mug is entirely up to you, just make sure you ask your guests how they like their tea and you can't go too far wrong!
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