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Chamomile Violet

This is a perfect tangy combination of lemon grass and ginger combined with goji berry, creating a taste sensation that you might not expect from a tea! This mouth-watering explosion of flavours is perfect if you need a little pick-me-up, thanks to the exotic combination of exciting flavours.

Lemon grass has a reputation for being a great anti-fungal agent, while ginger has been proven to bring benefits to the digestive tract. When put together in this tea, these flavours not only have the ability to create a taste sensation, but also a blend that has benefits for your health. Ginger is also thought to have a calming effect on the nerves, while lemon grass is thought to help eliminate the free-radicals that lead to the development of cancerous tumours. Goji berry also plays an important part, as it aids digestion and assists the skin rejuvenation cycle.

Hint: We recommend that you brew this tea in a glass teapot for between two and four minutes, depending on your taste. Make sure you don’t over-brew the leaves or they will become bitter. The water is best boiled before being cooled down to 80 degrees C.

This tea can be enjoyed either with a light meal or alone and is excellent with or without honey.

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