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Natural Rooibos

Rooibos tea is unique, not least because it is harvested from a different plant than teas, from the camellia sinensis plant. It is grown in the Western Cape Province and is the drink of choice for many South Africans. The leaves are green when harvested but transform into a rustic shade of red when oxidised.

There are various benefits of rooibos tea, such as its effect on cardiovascular health. It is also thought to be effective at preventing the onset of other conditions such as diabetes, as it works by suppressing the increase in fasting glucose levels and improving glucose tolerance. Traditional medicinal uses of rooibos in South Africa include alleviating infantile colic, allergies, asthma and dermatological problems. Rooibos has also been used for the treatment of stomach cramps and can be applied directly to the skin to help with problems such as sunburn and eczema.

Hint: For the perfect cup of rooibos tea, boil fresh water and pour over one teaspoon of leaves for every cup you are making. Leave to brew for a few minutes and your tea will be ready for your enjoyment!Add milk and sugar to your hot tea if required – it can also be served as an excellent iced tea.

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