Party Planners - Add additional Income

Are you a Party Planer - Great! Add a Tea Corner

If you are already successfully organizing parties with product ranging from cosmetics to lingerie or home products consider adding our range of teas and accessories. We have created a range of products specially for home parties. Guests can enjoy our exquisite teas while shopping.

Two in one experience. Ladies will love it, men will enjoy it as much. Use the current growing trend for a quality cup of tea and turn your party into a fun and enjoyable experience. One more thing - create a client base of return orders with our gift range and home subscriptions to secure an additional source of ongoing income.

What we offer:

  • Unique range of products that can be added to any other home party product
  • No cost to you
  • Use the 'Tea' to turn a home party into an experience
  • Re-occurring orders (ongoing income for you)
  • Hard to book a party - call it a High Tea Party or Afternoon Tea

How it works:

  • Purchase sample kit ( promotional materials, catalogues, booking forms are provided)
  • Book a party
  • Every party booked we supply a small pack for on the day brewing
  • Collect orders and payments (credit card accepted)
  • Submit orders and payments (allow 2 weeks for processing/packaging)
  • Pick up completed order (delivery to the host)
  • Receive your commission