The Enchanting Tea Blossoms

Tea Testimonials from Celebrities


Solo musician who's recently released an album, as well as a member of multi ARIA award winning band Boy & Bear

Tea is one of my favourite things. As a touring musician and reformed coffee addict I was pleasantly surprised when I tried Tea Blossom tea. The Lemongrass, ginger & Goji Berry tea in particular is really refreshing and perfect at any time of the day. It's Tangy and Spicy, I Love it!


one of Australia's premier singer/songwriters

On tour, and in the studio, sometimes i need a lift and i've long ago filled my coffee quota for the day. Tea Blossoms have a clean, uplifting flavour and gives me that lift to keep going. It feels like you're doing something good for yourself when you drink it.

Other Tea Testimonials

"Thank you for your wonderful service! I will certainly deal with you again. Thank you also for the small gift. I am looking forward to sampling that tea. Thanks once again. I am very one happy customer."

-Amanda Letts

"Got it Thanks. Santa is very pleased!!"

-Jania Warner

"Thank you, would you believe the package was at home when I got home from work, so thank you for your fast replies."

-Anne Wilkins

"Thank you for your quick response and replacement package, which I received today. I am thankful to my sister for purchasing the tea and teapot from you and introducing me to your lovely teas. Thank you again."

 -Tamara Hussar

"Love your products, your chai is magnificent."

-Rod Williams

"Thank you very much, tea arrived in good shape and the one i have tried first is delicious."

-Robin Russell

"Oh wow! Received the prize last night! It's AMAZING! I took a photo and will send it through soon! We can't wait to use the tea pot in lots of our photos! ūüôā Thank you again + merry christmas!"


"After opening my order from tea blossoms I was blown away by the quality of the product. Watching the blooming tea open is a beautiful show and created an instant wonder and curiosity, I couldn't wait to taste my first cup! And when I did I was rewarded with amazing flavour. Thank you for your fantastic product."

-Lesley Dudley

"Your tea is like magic!"

-Alicja Wnuk

"Since purchasing a deal from Tea Blossoms via one of the online offers I have been most impressed by the tea supplied. The lemongrass ginger and goji berry and the Sencha and Jasmine suit the Asian palate to a T. The silken pyramid infusers make the presentation pretty too!"


"Having always been a green tea enthusiast, it is my drink of choice at cafe. I stumbled across the tea blossom range when I ordered a Tea Blossoms blooming tea! Not only did it taste great it looked gorgeous! I have since found Tea Blossoms online and order teas through them, my favourite is the fairytale when drinking for one, and recommend the blooming teas when entertaining guests."


"Thank you for the free sample pack that I received in the mail. As a tea lover I was very excited to receive the package. Your teas are sensational, full of flavour and I especially loved the Peach flavored tea blossom bud."

-Jessica Terrell

"I have recommended your teas to many of my friends."


"Not only are the different flavours and aromas of Tea Blossom teas exquisite (one of my favourites is Lemon Grass and Ginger) but so is the packaging and presentation, making Tea Blossom tea a gift which I'm proud to give to friends and relatives and which they're equally delighted to receive."

-Jan Habel

"I would just like to mention how impressed I am with the service I receive when I purchase through Tea Blossoms. They always deliver on their promises and the quality of the product is outstanding. The packaging of the tea is fun and vibrant and my favourite would have to be the Fairytale tea. I strongly recommend this flavour for any green tea lover! (tastes amazing with a little bit of honey!) The pricing is reasonable as the quality of the leaves is very high compared to others I have tried. I always recommend Tea Blossoms to all my friends for their service/quality and great selection of flavours and have bought many gifts to give people as my orders generally come with a cute little Tea Blossoms carry bag :-)"


"I received an email asking for feedback and am more then happy to do so. Tea Blossoms products are fantastic and original. Their delivery was prompt and efficient. I will definitely be purchasing from this site again."


"I have bought tea from Tea Blossoms on a number of occasions for myself, family & friends. Level of service and communication is always excellent.The blooming tea balls make beautiful gifts. For an everyday tea, try the special Earl Grey- the taste definitely holds it own when compared to other brands."

-Mai Ta

"What a lovely surprise when my parcel from Tea Blossoms arrived! Everything was beautifully packed and I couldn't wait to try all of the teas I had ordered.Not only unique flavoured teas but watching the tea blooms blossom in the the teapot has become a ritual in our family after dinner. I'm looking forward to trying more of their range of blooms, they fascinate the whole family! Tea Blossoms is a great find online!"

-Jenni Piper

"Hi, thanks for your e.mail and, more importantly, sample pack, which I received yesterday. I passed them on to my daughter, who has been searching for glass teapot & teaballs, and just on the strength of your service and beautiful product presentation, I have already visited your website today and ordered more teas and a pot. Thanks again, looking forward to trying more of your products: they all sound delicious."


"Tea Blossoms is by far the best quality tea that I have had the pleasure of experiencing. The different flower teas infused with green tea, rose, vanilla and so much more are absolutely refreshing, uplifting and so beautiful. I have introduced the tea to my aunt in Saudi Arabia, who has also become an advocate for Tea blossoms. Thank you Tea Blossoms for producing such a diverse, bright and colourful range of the best quality tea."

-Jilska Solomons

"I would just like to send you a big 'thank you' for making sure the wonderful boxed assortment teas i had ordered arrived as it should' was delivered promptly, safely and was very appreciated. Recently,  we got married, and the teas were a unique thankyou to the couple that witnessed the day for us. The selection made sure all tastes were covered, and have been enthusiastically used by the couple. This concept is a totally unique and tasty gift idea, that keeps on giving!"


"I just love love LOVE Tea Blossoms lemon grass, ginger & goji berry tea...refreshing, warming, uplifting!! Everytime I take a sip my mouth tastebuds explode with delight and my belly dances!! Thank you muchly for this tea!!"

-Jo May

"Beautiful packaging, beautiful tea, beautiful taste.....serenity in a cup"

-Lisa Edwards-Loach

"Having tried the blooming teas really the only word which is suitable is 'enchanting' - it is like magic watching the leaves unfurl and the blooms emerge. I always drink it with my boyfriend and watching it unfurl and drinking the tea is such a relaxing experience - by the end of the pot there are no worries - just us and the tea. It's a fantastic product - just amazing."

-Liz Broekhuyse

"Dear Tea Blossoms, I would like to firstly thank you for my amazing parcel of tea goodies that arrived the other day. When I placed the order I had no idea the amazing detail that is put into each and every bag of tea. It will definitely be a future supply of many gifts for my family."

-Kira Young

"I absolutely love my tea blossom teas and the packaging is so pretty its proudly on display on my desk at work - where i'm the subject of tea envy!!"

-Wendy Stanley

"Tea Blossoms is Great. Not only is the tea absolutely delicious, but the presentation is superb. My catalogue is a sought after item amongst my colleagues."


"I gave a gift box as a birthday treat. The glass teapot with a bloom inside was absolutely beautiful. A great present idea. Service is outstanding and turnaround really quick."

-Joan Edwards