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Peppermint Green

A golden and smooth tasting drink with a distinct clean and crisp flavour. Peppermint tea produces a strong aroma, yet has a sweet refreshing flavour that is not overwhelming on the taste buds. You’ll be treated to an assault on the senses – the sweet scent of peppermint is a true delight. The lingering taste will be cool and refreshing on the palate.

Peppermint herbal tea is believed to have a number of health benefits, such as aiding digestion and treating upset stomachs. It is thought to dissolve gallstones and ease the symptoms of asthma, making it a great alternative to the artificial healing methods that are usually used.

Hint: For the perfect cup of Peppermint Green, bring natural spring water or distilled water to the boil before letting it cool down for a while. Pour over fresh peppermint leaves and let it steep for seven minutes in an infuser while the water absorbs the aromatic flavours of the mint.

Peppermint tea is a herbal tea that goes well alone or with by mixing it with other herbal or non-herbal teas. It is able to be served hot or chilled with drizzled honey if you prefer a sweeter brew.

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