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Black Tea, Rose and Camellia lemon Blooming Balls

This is a relaxing tea with a depth of flavour and delicate aroma. It is a combination of herbs and black tea leaves that has a balancing effect on your body. The delicate aroma of rose calms the senses before you even take your first sip, while the lemon adds a little bit of zing.

There are also several health benefits of this tea, including protection from cold and flu thanks to the camellia lemon. Not only this, it helps to kill bacteria your body doesn’t need. Rose, on the other hand, has a calming effect on the body, giving you some much needed relaxation at the end of a busy day.

To make the most of your Black Tea, Rose and Camellia Lemon, brew in a teapot with a capacity of between 600ml and 700ml. Go for a rounder shaped teapot to see your tea come into full bloom.

Hint: You will find that in a smaller capacity teapot, the brew becomes strong very quickly. Larger teapots, however, will tend to cool the water down much quicker. Top up the hot water to keep your brew fresh – we advise doing this two or three times for the perfect blend.

Either enjoy this tea with a light meal or even as a treat on its own. Don’t forget to add sugar or honey for extra sweetness!

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