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Blooming Tea Gift Box – Green tea and Jasmine (6 balls)

Green Tea and Jasmine. A striking semi-circle of Jasmine flowers arise from tender highest grade green tea buds. Has sweet scent of fresh Jasmine flower with a hint of nutty flavour. 6 Blooming balls packed in a beautiful Gift Box. Great gift for any occasion.

The health benefits of green tea are no secret. It includes properties that help you stay youthful and healthy, while also helping you meet your weight loss gains.

We advise using a teapot with a capacity of between 600 and 700ml for best results. To make the most of your blooming tea, use a rounded teapot. Remember that a pot with a smaller capacity will mean that the the brew becomes strong very quickly – a bigger teapot will take longer, but the water will cool down quickly. Top up with hot water if necessary – we recommend doing this two to three times in a 600ml teapot.

Hint: For the best results, brew the tea for two to four minutes in water around 80 degrees C. Avoid over-brewing to make sure the taste does not become too bitter.

Enjoy this tea as part of a light meal or even on its own – it’s also excellent with or without honey and sugar. Brew with cold water to make a great iced tea.


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