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White Tea, Lavender Blooming Balls

White Tea, Lavender Blooming Balls

If you appreciate a tea that is smooth and mellow cup with exquisite flavour as part of your daily routine, this will certainly fit the bill. Rosella contains vitamin C, giving the tea a tart lemony flavour as well as a red colouring. If you are one of those people that needs to be woken up in the mornings, Blooming Tea balls White Tea, Lavender and Rosella is the perfect option!

The Rosella flower does far more than bring colour and flavour to the tea, as it is also rich in nutrients. The great thing about this tea is all the ingredients work together to deliver a sensual and refreshing tea.

Hint: To make the most of your tea, we recommend brewing in a teapot between 600ml and 700ml. If you want the blooming tea to flower as well as it can, choose a rounder shape. Remember that smaller capacity teapots will mean the brew becomes strong very quickly, larger ones will take longer for the tea to brew. You can top up the hot water if necessary – we advise two to three top ups if using a 600ml teapot. This tea can be enjoyed either with a light meal or alone – it is wonderful with or without honey and sugar and can be served hot or chilled.

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