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Yunnan Golden Tips

Taking the name from the region where it is grown and cultivated, Yunnan tea’s golden leaves boast an exotic and spicy aroma. It is tea of the utmost quality, with beautiful gold-tipped leaves and an abundance of flavour. It has a perfectly balanced aroma with strength, subtlety and a rich taste. Some people even report tasting fruity flavours when drinking this tea.

It contains theaflavins and thearubigins which are thought to reduce the signs of aging, as well as lowering the risk of ovarian cancer and Parkinson’s disease. If you often find yourself stressed then this could be the tea for you – there is evidence to suggest it has a calming effect on both body and mind!

Hint: To achieve a perfect cup of Yunnan Golden Tips tea, pour boiled water over one teaspoon of tea leaves for every cup of tea you are making. Leave for three to five minutes then strain the leaves – the tea is then ready for your enjoyment.

This tea is best enjoyed with sugar and milk, just as the Queen enjoyed it who brought this tea to fame.

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